Amber Alcocer Model
Amber Alcocer – Mexican Model

Hi I am Amber Alcocer!

Originally from Mérida, Yucatán. I am a Mexican model who currently lives in CDMX. The world of fashion has always been something important to me, it is a way of expressing myself. Honestly, starting my career in modeling has been one of the accomplishments that excites me the most. Leaving my comfort zone and moving to such a big city has allowed me to explore and learn that there is more to this area than I thought. I have worked for brands that only in my dreams I could have imagined. Some of these brands are APPLE, FUJIFILM INSTAX, INSTAGRAM, LULULEMON, SPOTIFY, PEPSI among other. I think there is nothing better than dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about.

If there is something I enjoyed in this world, it is being able to travel, I love it. I take advantage of every time I have free time to escape to some incredible place. For my 23rd birthday they gave me an off-road camera which I was very excited about because then I could enjoy my trips without worrying about my phone getting wet, covered in dirt or falling or something like that. In December 2020, to be exact, I started recording a bit of my vacation and talking to the camera to explain what I liked about a certain hotel or somewhere in general. I wanted to share my experiences but also some tips that would be useful to other people. The truth is that I was dying of shame, but I continued doing it and then it started to seem like fun. I didn't know anything about cameras and editing but I learned with each video. When I uploaded the first video to my channel Youtube I was surprised to see that people actually liked my content, so little by little I was encouraged to create more.

Working in the modeling industry I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people these last few. People who make it possible for the final work to come out perfectly, what happens “behind the scenes”. Stylist, photographers, makeup artists as well as models and I would like to talk about their work also on this blog. Thus sharing a broader point of view, not only from my perspective.

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