The Most Instagrammable Restaurants In CDMX

Mexico City is one of the most important cities and being the capital of the country there is always life and movement. As a visitor or resident you will always find how to entertain yourself, you can go to museums, galleries, parks, cafes, bars and many activities to do throughout a day. When I moved to CDMX, what I loved most was the wide variety of delicious and beautiful restaurants that I found around the area where I live. But there are cute corners all over the city, so I made a list of what I consider the most Instagrammable restaurants in CDMX. I still have to visit many more, so if you have any recommendations for places or restaurants I should visit in Mexico City, please leave me a comment below.

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Arango Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the heart of Mexico City. Arango It is a terrace located in the historic center with a wonderful view of the Monument of the Revolution. Ideal to go after a day of sightseeing in the city center to drink some cocktails and accompany it with a snack.

Isabella Cafe
Isabella Cafe

Isabella Cafe It is the pinkest place in the city. I thought the place was probably nice but the food not so much, however I really liked my pink Swiss enchiladas. Cutlery and food containers are very photogenic. Without a doubt, it is super cute, ideal for an afternoon of chatting with friends. It is the perfect spot to take photos, I recommend arriving a little earlier than planned since you cannot make reservations and most of the time there is a waiting list. There are 2 Isabella Cafés, one in Roma Norte and another in Condesa.

Isabella coffee
Swiss enchiladas
Pigeon Restaurant

Pigeon It is a small restaurant located in Roma Norte, in front of Rio de Janeiro Park. The design is somewhere between a French bistro and a tavern and I love the pink color palette, plus the food is exquisite. Not only will you eat delicious but you will also be able to take very unique photos for your Instagram.

Polanco Mandolin

Mandolina It is a very photogenic restaurant located in Polanco. Without a doubt, visiting this place transported me to Positano in Italy. I loved the decoration with lemons. I went to breakfast with my friend and we had a great time talking for hours. We ordered the poached eggs, egg casserole, different breads, hot chocolate, orange juice and prosecco.

Four Seasons Zanaya

Zanaya It is one of my favorite places to eat, in addition to the nice restaurant inside, it has a large terrace where you can have a very pleasant afternoon. It is located in Reforma inside the Four Seasons hotel. We love to start with an Aperol Spritz and in my case I like to choose several things to snack on and share. There is also a little secret garden ideal for taking photos.

Salon Rosetta
Salon Rosetta

Salon Rosetta It is a bar, it is located in the building where the Rosetta restaurant is located on Colima Street, Roma Norte. You have to climb some stairs and you will arrive. The wallpaper decoration with Japanese prints, the color of the room combined with the furniture, makes this place very photogenic. Without a doubt one of my favorites to go for a few drinks and definitely to take photos.

Samos Restaurant

Samos It's a new restaurant and bar in town. It is located on the 38th floor of the Ritz Carlton hotel in Reforma, what makes this place unique are the impressive panoramic views of Mexico City. You can see the helicopters flying below. The bar is very cozy and part of the decoration is the view, which makes it the perfect place to take some photos for your Instagram. The Samos restaurant is located opposite the bar and also has very nice views.

Samos Ritz Carlton

I recommend that when you visit Bar Samos, you try the tacos. At the Samos restaurant, what I loved most were the appetizers, perfect for sharing.

Casa Prunes
Casa Prunes

Casa Prunes It is located in North Rome and the façade of this place has an Art Nouveau style. The interiors are colorful and very photogenic. It has a great bar, an outdoor garden and everything has a very nice touch, even the bathroom. It also has a speakeasy ideal for going for cocktails at night.

Casa Olympia
Casa Olympia

Casa Olympia It opened its doors just two months ago (November 2021). Located in Polanco, in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful restaurants I have visited. The cocktails are delicious and the food is very good. Every corner is beautiful and has a touch of decoration that makes this place the most Instagrammable on my list.

Casa Olympia

The bar is beautiful and has different rooms, all with different decoration. It is ideal to spend an afternoon with friends drinking rosé wine and talking. The food is designed to be shared so you can try many things. It's Mediterranean food.

Ling Ling
Ling Ling Mexico City

Ling Ling It is the highest restaurant in the city. It is located on the 56th floor of the tallest building in Reforma, CDMX. The food is Asian-inspired, fusing Cantonese cuisine and other eastern cultures, and it is delicious. What I like most is that the dishes are designed to share. Without a doubt, the view is spectacular and it is ideal to spend a pleasant afternoon and share with friends. Plus the photos are incredible.

The bar at the entrance is incredible, it also has tables outside, in my case I really like the inside.

Bella Aurora

Recently opened in September 2022 by chef Elena Reygada, Bella Aurora It is a beautiful restaurant. In addition to the fact that the food is delicious, it is ideal for spending a pleasant time with your partner or friends.

It is located on Puebla Street, Roma Norte. It is decorated with plants, you can hear little birds and you forget that you are in the city. It is undoubtedly a very photogenic restaurant but the best thing is that the food is spectacular, you absolutely have to try the desserts.

What did you think of the list of places? If you have any recommendations for Instagrammable restaurants that I should visit, please write in the comments below.

Remember that if you want to know what they are the most photogenic hotels in Mexico Don't forget to read my previous article.

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