Guide to Color Combinations in Your Outfits

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When it comes to making combinations, we need our good friend the color wheel to give us an idea of the colors and thus have a clearer idea of how to mix the tones so that our outfit looks ideal.

Let's remember that the fun part of fashion and dressing is when you explore textures, colors and play creating new ideas.

Chromatic Wheel

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There are cold colors and warm colors, but there are also neutral colors. Knowing this will help you give harmony to your look.


Neutral colors are those that I can assure you you have in your closet. I consider them basic, they go with everything and combine very well. They are those that lengthen, stylize and get you out of trouble if you still don't know very well how to play with vibrant colors.

On our list we have the nude, are my favorites from this range since they give an elegant look just like the black color, which lately I have tried to use less to try more colors.

neutral colors

Monotonous – Achromatic

The looks Achromatics are based on wearing clothes in neutral colors or those absent of color. Mainly black and white (can also be colors like gold and silver). Honestly, I love putting a lot of color in my outfits, so for me this is one of my least favorite styles to wear. Although yes, one of the most elegant since using a single tone lengthens your figure and stylizes you.

If you are looking for something classic that never goes out of style, it is a very good option. A white dress perhaps with black heels would be something ideal and something I would recommend you wear.

achromatic colors

Monotones are those where you use a single color in the look complete. This can be any color but it must all be the same color.



The looks Monochromatic ones, in my opinion, are quite elegant and interesting. These are created from a base color, mixing it with its shades at different levels.


Lately I have only had in mind creating complementary outfits, I think they are fantastic and have a lot of personality. These are made by combining colors that are located in opposite places on the color wheel, such as green and pink.

complementary colors

This is one of my favorite combinations, I think both colors stand out without one overshadowing the other. What do you think?


A look analogous means it should have similar colors. That is, the colors must be similar to each other or be those that are next to each other on the color wheel.

Something I've been practicing these past few weeks is analogous outfits. It sounds simple but it's actually more complex than it seems to find colors that are just right, but it's my new obsession.

analogous colors


To form a triad outfit, it is necessary to form a triangle on the color wheel. As in the example; We can form a triangle of primary colors and this will have congruence when forming our outfit, they will be different colors but a daring combination with personality.

I have to practice a little more with my triad outfits, it catches my attention but I'm afraid of adding too much color. My mother said well that fear takes you nowhere except to stop, so I will practice more.


Finally we have the tetrad color combination and this is based on forming a square on the color wheel, that is, using 4 colors.

But how to achieve this combination without dying trying?

In general, this combination can seem too saturated with color, I would recommend using three “soft” colors and one stronger one to accentuate the color. look final.

colors in tetrad

It is one of the most complex combinations since you have to give harmony to 4 colors, but they must complement each other, the advantage of this mix is that it becomes a very attractive outfit that is difficult to go unnoticed if that is what you are looking for. So here I leave you some very cool examples that you can take into account to put together your outfits with tetrad colors.

What do you think of this article? It will surely be useful when putting together your outfits, remember that the most important thing is to have fun when dressing.

Veri Peri is the color of the year and if you want to know how to make super combinations cool, don't forget to read my previous article.

If you want to share something about what you thought of this article and the color combination, you can do so in the comments below.

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