11 Favorite Restaurants In CDMX I Discovered In 2023 And You Must Visit

Although some of these restaurants are not that new, I discovered them during the year so they are new to me and I loved them so much that I have decided to make a list to share with you.

El Tigre Silencioso

This restaurant is located on one of my favorite streets in Roma Norte, Colima. El Tigre Silencioso it is ideal to go with your partner or with friends to share since you will want to try everything on the menu.

I recommend you try everything you can. Something that I also like is their selection of wines, you can find a great variety in addition to having a very pleasant time and eating very delicious food.


Makan reopened in the Centro neighborhood very close to La Juárez and we couldn't stop visiting it. Makan is a Singaporean food restaurant where yes or yes you are going to eat delicious. My favorite dishes are Caracoles, Laksa, Fish Larb, Duck and others. I have to emphasize Los Caracoles, since they have been one of the most delicious dishes I have ever eaten.



Martinez It is located on Puebla Street in Roma Norte and is another of my favorite restaurants in the City. The food is spectacular and you can enjoy it alone or with someone. There is always something on the menu that you have to try, it changes constantly but whatever you choose will be a success since everything is very good. One of my favorite dishes is the Steak & Frites with Bernaise sauce accompanied with a glass of light red wine, it is finger-licking good.

I recommend making a reservation before going as it is a very popular restaurant and is almost always full.

Colectivo Anónimo

Anónimo It is the perfect definition of elegant but casual. What I love most is that the dishes are meticulously prepared but you can enjoy them on an outdoor terrace in the heart of La Condesa.

Without lying, I think it is the restaurant that I have visited the most in 2023, I like it so much that I celebrated my birthday there. The food is delicious, there are always new dishes and one of my favorites is the Fried Pizza, if you see it on the menu of the day don't hesitate to order it. Something I also like is their wine selection.

Palapa Cantina Caribeña

Located in La Juárez, Palapa Cantina it transports you from the center of Mexico City to a beach in the Caribbean, it is ideal to go with friends since there is a great atmosphere, live music and delicious food. The dishes are perfect for snacking, sharing and it also has a nice bar which you can visit for a drink and finger food.

One of my favorite dishes was the avocado hummus with lamb koftas.

Maza Bistro

Definitely Maza Bistro It is one of the restaurants that I am happiest to have found in 2023. Let's start by telling you that it is a combination of Indian and French food, you can imagine how delicious it is. If I could recommend, I would say to try as much as possible, everything is full of flavor. My favorites are escargots, Punjabi burger, Kathi Roll, Lamb and especially Chicken Korma.

Let me tell you a story quickly, 2 years ago during a trip to Antigua and Barbuda I tried Indian food for the first time and it was love at first bite. Since then I became a big fan and every time I saw an Indian restaurant I wanted to eat there, so if I tell you that you should try the Chicken Korma at Maza Bistrot, believe me you should.

Of course the wine selection is very good. I always find French rosé which is my favorite wine.


If you are looking for a cool place, super fresh fish (among other seafood) Sarde it's where you have to go. One of my favorite dishes is the Fish & Chips, which are perfectly crispy, the octopus in its ink, and the Macarela Crudo, which is a dish you have to try.

It is located on Puebla Street, Roma Norte in an old casona.


Cana It is located in the Juárez neighborhood and is a nice and cozy place, perfect to go with friends and spend a pleasant day, it has delicious dishes ideal for sharing. I would recommend starting with a Caesar salad, some fish and you can't miss the Steak and fries.


Darosa It is an Italian restaurant located in the Juárez neighborhood. It's small, cozy and the food is very delicious. I like to order dishes from the center to share so I can try a little more of everything.


Taverna It is the perfect place to go with friends to celebrate something or to eat deli since the dishes are ideal to share in the center of the table. The house is beautiful, I love the boho/cool decoration and it is located in the Juárez neighborhood.


Malix It is located in Polanco and is one of the new restaurants I tried this year that surprised me. From the appetizers to the main course, everything was delicious. My favorites were the bao and the duck with mole, I'm not even a big fan of mole and my plate was completely clean because of how delicious it was.

If you liked this list or have some recommendations for restaurants that I should try, please send me a DM on my Instagram and also don't forget to follow me to find out more things.

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