Diary With Photos: Montage Los Cabos

Montage Los Cabos

If you want to see the complete review of Montage Los Cabos you can find it very soon at my YouTube channel.

This is part two of my trip to Los Cabos, if you haven't read part one yet, it was in the Waldorf Astoria Pedregal for my birthday.

The Montage hotel is located in Santa Maria Bay, one of the few swimmable beaches in Los Cabos San Lucas. In addition to being perfect for swimming, it is one of the best areas for diving and snorkeling and is one of the 53 beaches in Mexico with an international blue flag. When I got to our room I realized that we had a door and a small terrace, but what I didn't know was the incredible view we had until I opened the curtains. I can say that this has been my favorite room, the incredible turquoise color of the sea with the nature of the desert and the cacti, turned this into an oasis straight out of a story. It is worth mentioning that our room was a few steps from the infinity pool and the Marea restaurant, so I think we had the perfect location.

Montage Los Cabos
View from our room

On our little terrace we had a sofa where we sat every morning to drink our coffee and we also had a table with two chairs to contemplate the incredible view.

Marea is the adults-only and infinity pool side restaurant. This one has an incredible view of the sea and the food you can find there is more casual. We like to start with a caesar salad, fish tacos and if we are really hungry maybe a hamburger, accompanied by a refreshing bottle of rosé wine.

Something that I loved is that in the afternoons by the pools, they always gave us popsicles of water with different fruit flavors to cool us off from the desert heat. The water temperature was ideal, plus the pool area was incredible. The infinity pool which undoubtedly had a spectacular view of Santa Maria Bay, there are also 2 jacuzzis, a pool bar and cabanas with their own pools where you could stay if you wanted complete privacy.

We decided to try the cabins and this one not only included complete privacy and a pool just for you, but it also came with amenities. From water, energy drinks, snack food, to skin moisturizer, sunscreen and a bottle of champagne. We had an incredible afternoon.

The sea of Santa Maria Bay is an incredible beach, you can find lounge chairs, beds for more privacy and also the center for snorkeling, kayaks or any marine activity you can imagine. Something I didn't expect was that the sea temperature was warm.

Santa Maria Bay Los Cabos
View of Santa Maria Bay

The sea of Santa Maria is so beautiful that it is the perfect place for marine activities. Generally in the afternoons it is common to find yachts in the bay and you can see people snorkeling.

Montage Los Cabos

One of my favorite parts of our room besides our amazing ocean view terrace, was our bathroom. It has two showers, one indoors and one outdoors, but my favorite part is this huge tub perfect for relaxing.

Mezcal Restaurant Montage Los Cabos
Mezcal Restaurant

For the evening there were two dinner options that we were eager to try, one was a Mexican restaurant and the other was a Thai food truck garden. Mezcal It is a haute Mexican cuisine restaurant that, to be honest, sometimes Mexican food restaurants in tourist areas are not something you can't wait to eat. But this restaurant certainly left me speechless. I think it is equal to or better than top haute cuisine restaurants in CDMX, the truth is that we were very impressed. From the first bite we knew that this restaurant was another level. The chef Odin Rocha, is undoubtedly a very talented chef and knows perfectly how to carry out and present an impeccable dish.

The restaurant itself was very beautiful, the lights harmonized with the place, the decoration was very successful, and the food was spectacular.

Mezcal Restaurant Montage Los Cabos
Dessert “Coco Palette”

To close with a flourish, we finish with this delicious “Coco Paleta” which consists of a coconut sorbet, avocado mousse, dulce de leche and cilantro oil.

Talay Restaurant Los Cabos

Talay In Thai it means “sea”. This Thai food restaurant is located in a beautiful garden with food trucks and decorated with lights and an incredible atmosphere.

The chef Marc Narongchai Muangkaew is originally from Suratthani Thailand, so we decided to take the suggestions of the dishes that were recommended to us.

To start, our starters were “Kha-Nom Jeab” which are pork and shrimp dumplings marinated with a delicious Thai sauce and we continued with “Moo Tod Kluk Fhun” which was pork belly fried and crispy with a tamarind sauce glaze.

For our main courses we opted for “Khao Soi” a spicy crab curry, which I think is the most delicious curry I have ever eaten. It was quite spicy, but it was so good that I couldn't stop eating it. To finish, we ordered “Marc's Gai Tod Hat Yai” which is Thai style fried chicken, which if you know me well you will know that I am the number 1 fan of fried chicken in all its versions. We finished with some very refreshing coconut ice popsicles.

The food was delicious but something very cool was also seeing everyone working in coordination, from the food trucks. I thought how could I make such delicious food from that small kitchen, but the truth is that it is some of the best Thai food I have ever eaten.

Our stay was spectacular, we had an incredible time and I think it was the most beautiful hotel I have visited in Los Cabos. The landscape that is created with the sea and the desert is something unforgettable. I am looking forward to returning very soon.

If you want to see the full hotel review Montage Los Cabos, we forget to check my YouTube channel.

Here you can see the video of our complete review of the hotel Waldorf Astoria Pedregal, where was the beginning of our trip through Los Cabos.

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