The Best Places For Breakfast In CDMX

Mexico City is full of amazing places to eat but the restaurants I mention below are located in the Roma Norte, Condesa, Polanco and Juarez areas.

I usually don't eat breakfast but when I do, there are certain places I like to visit. When I have breakfast, it's when I meet up with girl friends or family so I like to find restaurants where we can spend the morning chatting and catching up on gossip and of course the food is delicious.

Niddo CDMX

I made a list of places I love to visit on the few occasions I have decided to break my fast. They are not in order, I like them all and I will always recommend places I have been to before and enjoy.

If you have any restaurant recommendations that I should try, please write them in the comments below.

Bella Aurora

Bella Aurora is a new restaurant located on Puebla Street, Roma Norte next to Panaderia Rosetta. It is an excellent option for breakfast/brunch or lunch/dinner.

The breakfasts are exquisite and you can find the iconic bakery of chef Elena Reygadas and the talented chef Federico Sali. The desserts are a must try.

Cafe Milou

Café Milou is a small café located in Roma Norte. To start we ordered a delicious hot chocolate.

Cafe Milou

The food and drinks are delicious, I visited with my girl friend and she ordered an avocado toast with matcha and I had poached eggs with salmon that I accompanied with fresh orange juice.


Lardo has been one of my favorite places since I came to live in Mexico City 4 years ago. Whether for breakfast or lunch.

Some of my favorites are the sandwich with parma ham, arugula and burata. I also like the croque madame or croque monsieur. When you visit you can't miss the opportunity to try the guava roll which is amazing, you can accompany it with a latte or a hot chocolate.

I recommend arriving a little early because there is always a long line to get in.

Isabella Cafe

If you are thinking of something more girly, Isabella Café this is the ideal choice. It is literally the pinkest place in town. One is located in La Condesa and the other in Roma Norte, I really like that everything is pinky and super photogenic.


Niddo is a nice restaurant located in Colonia Juarez.

There are almost always people waiting, but the cool thing is that you can have a cup of coffee in their bakery while you wait for your table. I went with my friend Ashley and she had a salmon bagel, I had an English Breakfast, orange juice, a latte and a brownie for dessert.


Usually when I visit Lalo! I go in the afternoons at lunch time but I want to tell you that the breakfast is delicious too.

Lalo! CDMX

I wanted to try this french toast with blackberries and cream on top which was the most delicious frenchtoast I have ever eaten, I accompanied it with a latte and orange juice. My friend I went with is a vegetarian and she ordered the Açai bowl.


Mandolina is a nice restaurant located in Polanco, ideal for taking pictures, drinking mimosas and spending a nice morning with your friends.

The food is not my favorite but the place is nice.

It is a nice option for brunch as it is a very photogenic place, if you want to know about the most instagrammable restaurants in CDMX check out my previous article where I tell you about it.

Panaderia Rosetta

Whether you're visiting CDMX or not, a mandatory stop is Panaderia Rosetta.

There are 2 in Colonia Roma, Colima and Puebla street. I recommend you to go early because the place is always full of people.

The bread is definitely something you have to try and accompany it with a hot coffee either to eat in or take away.

Speaking of food, I want to share with you this article that I wrote about my favorite dishes from restaurants in CDMX take a look at it.

Let me know what you thought of the list and if you have any comments, please write them below.

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