My Favorites of January 2023

Like every month, I like to share what my purchases were, gifts, new brands I found for products or favorite clothes, so here is my January list.

New year, new year color and if you still don't know how to use it in cool combinations, go read my article I wrote about Long Live Magenta.

Anine Bing

Something that is super trendy are metallic colors, so I couldn't start my 2023 without a cool silver jacket. I like to combine it with colors in a monochromatic outfit but with neutral colors it also looks very cool.

Anine Bing Silver

How to style your Anine Bing jacket? I leave you some examples.


Chloe Fashion is a Mexican 100% brand that has bags, footwear, luggage, accessories and more, all of excellent quality and very cute designs.

Our friends at Chloe sent us a super cool bag where the challenge was to make a cute combination and this was the result of my outfit. They also gave us a 10% discount using my code AMBR10.

Sand Sandy

I love the beach and going on vacation so I can wear swimsuits with beautiful designs and that's why one of my favorite beachwear brands is Sand Sandy.

The quality is very good and you will always find very chic unique styles. I bought both models and I'm dying to wear them on my next vacation. Go take a look at the page where you will surely find models that fascinate you.

Tropical Charm
Tropical Blue


Momiji is a Mexican brand of Korean products with TOP quality. I generally don't wear makeup and products on my face, body, or hair unless I LOVE them. I also don't usually recommend products that I don't use since we all have different skin so if I recommend it it's because it's totally worth it.


They sent me these essential hair creams/oils which are ideal if you want to give your hair a little shine and light. Lador is a Korean brand that you can find in Momiji stores.

My favorite is the oil, I put a few drops on my curls and it leaves them silky, you apply the other 2 to your hair after washing and drying and one is rinseable and you can leave the other on. I think these are ideal for straight hair if you want to have perfect, silky straight hair.

Lador Korea Momiji

Hyeja is a Korean brand that you also find in Momiji and I want to tell you that I love it.

They sent me a vegan matcha-based clay mask with a creamy texture and also a fermented rice moisturizer with probiotics.

First you apply the mask, it is calming, cleanses and leaves your skin super soft. It also prepares your skin for toning and hydration. You leave it on your face for 15 minutes and rinse. Then you put on the rice cream and you will see your skin radiant.

I would recommend using the mask no more than 2 times a week.

Hyeja Momiji


I love knee-high boots and more vibrant colors, I found these on Shein at a great price.

Pink Boots

Here I leave you the link so you can find the pink boots.

Orange Boots

Here I leave you the link so you can find the orange boots.

If you have any recommendations for a product, brand, place, restaurants, among other things, please write it in the comments below.

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