Diary With Photos: Panama City


Last month we decided to visit beautiful Panama City for a couple of days as the beginning of our trip, which would end in Colombia. We had little time and we had several things to do in mind, so we had to hurry to complete everything we had planned.

It was the second time I visited Panama and I honestly really enjoyed our stay this time we returned. The first time I thought it was only a city for business and not so fun activities, but during our stay, although it was short, it was very pleasant.

City of Panama

In general, Panama City is usually very hot and humid all year round, so if you are planning a trip, I recommend bringing comfortable and cool clothing with you.

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Where to stay in Panama?

During our stay in Panama City we decided to stay in an area that will be somewhat central and close to everything, although to move around the city we generally use Uber since it is too hot to walk.

We stayed in the Waldorf Astoria located on Uruguay Street. This street used to be where the bars and nightlife were and apparently not anymore.

Maybe on our next visit we will choose to stay in the Historic Center, Casco Viejo where they will soon open a Sofitel Legend Hotel that I am eager to see.

Where to eat in Panama?

If there is something I enjoy in this world, it is eating and finding nice restaurants to spend a nice afternoon enjoying, makes it even better. That's why we took on the task of creating a list of restaurants you have to go to when you visit Panama City.


We were very excited to visit the restaurant. Maito since it is one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. I tried different flavors since it is typical food from Panama, I also learned about new ingredients and I am happy to tell you that the food was excellent and the service was super friendly, we will surely return.


Tonight we weren't really sure where to go for dinner. We saw some options on Tripadvisor and the recommendations for Makoto They were excellent so we decided to try them. I must say it was one of our favorite meals during our trip, it really was delicious. Even though I don't know much about Asian food, everything we ordered was excellent and even motivated us to try more Japanese food. The restaurant itself was very nice and not to mention the terrace area with the spectacular view of Panama City.

The Vespa

The Vespa It is an Italian restaurant located where the JW Marriott Panama. It is located on the first floor and what I liked the most was the incredible view of the sea and the buildings in the distance. The food was super delicious, we ate a very fresh burrata with prosciutto, a carbonara pasta and at the end meat. We accompany our meals with appetizers and a bottle of wine rose To refresh us.

What there is

The fonda what there is It is located in Casco Viejo, there you can find typical Panamanian food and spend a pleasant afternoon. The food is delicious and the service was very friendly. They also have a nice garden but when I went, it was being remodeled.

Panaviera Rooftop

Panaviera Rooftop It is without a doubt one of my favorite places in Panama City. It is located on the 66th floor of the JW Marriott hotel and the view is simply unbeatable. I love going for cocktails or bubbles to watch the sunset. It is a place that you cannot miss on your visit to Panama.


The restaurant Tantalus It is located in Casco Viejo. Ideal for a casual meal while you are sightseeing in the historic center. It is a very picturesque and cute restaurant. The food is delicious, we ordered Mac & Cheese with chicken and a creamy Curry. The portions are very large so it is perfect for sharing.

Casco House

After a hot afternoon in Panama City, this rooftop is perfect to cool off. Casco House It is located in Casco Viejo and has a great view of the city and the sea as well.

Activities To Do In Panama

Helicopter ride

Our helicopter ride was one of the best experiences you have to experience without a doubt. At first I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect, but the truth is that it was amazing. Panama is full of buildings and skyscrapers and the view from the helicopter is even better. We did our tour with Panama Helicopter Tours.

From the top we saw the city and the Panama Canal.

Panama Helicopter Tour
Visit the Panama Canal

Something you should not miss on your visit to Panama is the canal. The first time I went to Panama I visited the canal and a restaurant called Miraflores Very nice that it is right in front of where the containers and large ships pass. It was incredible because I had never seen boats of that size so close. On my second visit I saw the Panama Canal from the air and it was also incredible.

Visit Casco Viejo

Without a doubt you cannot miss the historic center in Panama City. It is ideal for exploring on foot, there are several bars and rooftops although most open a little late, like after 5:00 pm. I love the historic centers of cities, I enjoy seeing the mansions and the beautiful architecture.

What do you think? Did I miss any key places in Panama? If you have any recommendations for places to visit, please write them in the comments below.

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