Diary With Photos: St. Barth French West Indies

St Barth

During the month of May we planned a vacation to the Caribbean, to be more exact to the West Indies. On our island tour we decided to visit St. Barthelemy, a French island, and the truth is that it surprised us. The island is small so we wanted to explore as much as possible and here I will tell you the things we did.

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St Barth

I want to mention that I had no idea what to expect and the truth is that we loved it. The people are super friendly, the food is definitely delicious and the place itself is beautiful, it reminded me of the island of Capri and I really want to visit again because I liked it so much.

St Barth is part of the European Union so when I arrived the only thing I needed as a Mexican was my passport, in the case of my Irish boyfriend they only saw his passport and let us pass.

It is no longer necessary to take a covid test to enter and the official language is French, but everyone speaks English.

Rosewood Le Guanahani St Barth

Where to Stay?

There are many beautiful hotel options, in our case we wanted to visit the Rosewood Le Guanahani for several reasons:

  • It is located in a nature reserve and has 2 beaches.
  • They reopened a few months ago after almost 5 years of renovation.
  • A Rosewood never fails.

The Le Guanahani hotel has existed for several decades, in 2017 it was hit hard by a hurricane that left it almost completely destroyed, so its renovation and reconstruction took more than 4 years. Being in a nature reserve, the Rosewood undoubtedly made a excellent job and left it beautiful.

Upon arriving at the hotel we were welcomed with French cookies and a bottle of champagne.

These are some photos of the hotel and what I like most is that it preserves its Caribbean essence and every corner is full of beautiful details.

I also want to mention how friendly all the hotel staff were.

And now my favorite part Le Grand Cul de Sac, the lagoon where I swam with at least 10 sea turtles, was everywhere and this is definitely an unforgettable part. The other beach is called Anse Marechal.

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Where to eat?

Although our stay was short, we decided to go out and explore a little more than just staying at the hotel. These were our favorite places although I am eager to return to see more of this beautiful island.


One of my favorite places that, in addition to being a restaurant, is a beach club was Gypsea and is located in Saint-Jean. The food was delicious, the service was warm and the people so friendly, we didn't want to leave. It is ideal to go during the day and spend a very pleasant afternoon.

Being a French island you find excellent wines and bubbles everywhere, in our case we love the rose, we had many options.

Gypsea St Barth

The beach is beautiful and without a doubt a place you have to visit when you go to St. Barth.

Nikki Beach

Like Gypsy, Nikki Beach It is located in Saint-Jean and is ideal for spending a pleasant afternoon. The service is excellent, the cocktails delicious and the people are very friendly.

Nikki Beach St Barth
La Petite Plage

At night on the seashore in Gustavia, there is this beautiful restaurant called La Petite Plage. The food is incredibly delicious, I want to mention that I have never had such soft meat and such crispy French fries before, cooked to perfection.


If you are thinking of a romantic dinner, Pretty It is the ideal place. It is located on top of a hill in Gustavia and you can see the harbor and the lights at night. The food is spectacular, there I ate the most delicious suckling pig of my life and the desserts needless to say. The service is also excellent and they are always attentive to anything you need.

Eden Rock

During our afternoon exploring Saint-Jean, we decided to make a stop at the iconic hotel Eden Rock. We ate some appetizers and accompanied them with bubbles. Needless to say, the service was excellent and we loved everyone's kindness.

Things to do?

Apparently St. Barth is the ideal place for shopping. The food is excellent so I recommend that when you go you don't stay in your hotel and go out and explore.

TIP: Taxis in St Barth are scarce so I suggest you organize them in advance, 1 or 2 hours in advance would be ideal.

Saint Jean

There are several beach clubs you can go to, such as Gypsea and Nikki Beach plus all the restaurants in the area. There is always a good atmosphere in Saint-Jean and it is also the ideal area for shopping.

Eden Rock St Barth

Gustavia the capital of St Barth and is the port as well, it is excellent for shopping. In this area you will find many luxury shops, restaurants, bars and there is also a lot of atmosphere.

Grand Cul de Sac

This lagoon was in our hotel Rosewood Le Guanahani.

It is perfect for snorkeling and swimming with turtles, I think it was the most amazing part of our trip as I have never seen turtles so close. Beach House It is the hotel's restaurant-bar/beach club and is open to the public.

Grand Cul de Sac St Barth

Surely when I return to St Barth we will visit more beaches and I will be happy to tell you about it. If you have any recommendations for places or restaurants to visit in St. Barth, please write them in the comments below.

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