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During this trip we visited 3 cities, the first stop was in the city of Cartagena. Panama City we continued to Cartagena and we finished in Bogota and if you haven't read the previous articles I invite you to take a look at them.

When we arrived in the capital of Colombia we had in mind to stay in a place close to restaurants, parks and ideal for walking. We had 2 options Four Seasons Bogotá and Four Seasons Casa Medina, now I will tell you why we chose the one we did.

Where to stay?

First of all we love to eat and we chose Casa Medina because it is right in the gastronomic area of Bogota, called Zona G. Four Seasons Casa Medina because it is located right in the gastronomic area of Bogota, called Zona G.

The location could not be better as it was less than a 10 minute walk to the best restaurants in town.

The reason we chose this hotel is because of the historic building dating back to 1946 where the hotel is located, the design and architecture really caught our attention.

Our room was cosy and ideal to feel at ease after a day exploring the cold city of Bogotá. It had a fireplace with a real fire and that was one of my favourite parts of the room.

It also had a nice restaurant called CastanyolesWe always popped in for an aperitif before leaving, being so close to so many restaurants we couldn't pass up the opportunity to explore outside our hotel.

It is a small but cosy boutique hotel, the service was impeccable and if you want to know more about the Four Seasons Casa Medina, I invite you to watch my video review where I tell you more.

Where to eat?

Our location was fantastic so it was possible to walk to all the restaurants we had in our notebook. The Zona G is the gastronomic area in Bogota and you can find many delicious restaurants, we visited quite a few but I made a list of my favourites and I want to share them with you.

Cafe Bar Universal

This was one of my favourites for lunch time. It was a very nice room, an amazing bar and the food was amazing. What I liked the most about Cafe Bar Universal was that besides being photogenic, the food was delicious and with personality.

Some of the foods we ate were the organic carrots with Greek yoghurt and zatar, the chicken wings which were spectacular, the burata among others.

We will definitely come back and try more because everything we ate, we loved.

El Chato

El Chato is on the list of 50 best restaurants in Latin America so we couldn't leave without visiting it. A 7/8 minute walk from our hotel a perfect choice for dinner.

We asked for the recommendations of the day and ordered several things from the centre so that we could try more things without getting super full.

The food was very tasty and the restaurant was very cosy. We ended up drinking bubbles and going back to the hotel early so we could be rested and explore the city the next day.

Black Bear

We started the day by going to explore a bit of downtown Bogota and at the end of the day we went to get some food at Black Bear. A very nice, quaint restaurant where the food was very good, we ordered several entrees from the centre and accompanied them with rosé wine.

This restaurant is a little closer to where we stayed and it was easy to walk back.

Among the things we ate were pork belly tacos, fish and chips and one of my favourites was the mushrooms with grilled cheese.


Without a doubt Tierra was one of my favourite restaurants, the food was spectacular. I remember that we were not feeling very well that day, maybe we were hangover but when we arrived at this restaurant and tried the welcome amenities, we were revived.

Less than 10 minutes walk from our hotel was this beautiful restaurant. There were many delicious options, we opted for the meat and I ordered half an organic chicken seasoned in salicornia.

I have to tell you that it is the most delicious chicken I have ever tasted in my life, it was super juicy and I always remember how much we enjoyed it.

We will surely come back as we loved the food.


The restaurant Leo is on the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world and we as foodies had to go and try it.

It is certainly a very nice room, quite spacious, the decor and light made it look warm and it was amazing to be able to see the impressive kitchen from my table.

However, I have to confess that it was not my favourite restaurant.

If you go to Bogotá and want to cross it off your list of places to visit, that's fine, it's an experience, but honestly the food wasn't one of my favourites. Maybe it's just me as I'm not a big fan of seafood, but you know I'm always going to be honest and recommend what I like.

The presentations were beautiful, the service was friendly so I'll leave it up to you. If you get to visit Leo's in Bogotá, let me know what your experience was like in the comments below.

Things To Do?

Honestly we spent most of the time eating so we didn't explore much of the city. It is almost always raining in Bogotá so going out meant getting wet and cold.

Botero Museum

The day we went to explore the centre of Bogota it started to rain and while we were walking along Candelaria street we took shelter in the Botero Museum.

Fernando Botero is a Colombian painter/artist known for his large and out of the ordinary works, some have even called it "boterismo" and when I visited Medellín I saw many of his works in the streets as well as in Cartagena.

He is certainly easy to recognise and unequalled, I find his works amusing and with a lot of personality.

You can also find other pieces by famous artists such as Picasso. Visiting Botero's museum is definitely a must on your visit to Bogota.

This was my experience in Bogotá, if you have any recommendations for my next visit, please write them in the comments section.

Do you want to know What to do in Cartagena? read my previous article where I tell you about it.

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