Interview: Jax, A Top Model Originally From Cali In CDMX

Jax Gonzales

I met John Alexander at the beginning of my modeling career around 2018. I was at a casting for a home insurance commercial with other friends from the industry. The girls I was with are very happy, friendly Brazilians and I remember that we became friends there during the wait because the time at the casting was more than 6 hours. We ordered food sitting on the floor, we were already tired but I remember that we were talking about fun things trying to distract ourselves. Jax arrived later and he was a friend of my friends, they had met working on a commercial together. He asked me if I was Colombian like him and that's how we started getting along. Some time later I worked with Jax for a music video where they filmed for two days and we became close friends. I have always admired Jax's work because in addition to being a model, he is a singer and a very talented person. He is a charismatic person and always has funny stories to tell. We will ask you some questions regarding your musical and modeling career.

How did you start in the world of modeling?

The truth is that I was not planning to work in this medium, if it were not because my musical project ended at that time and someone told me that I could do well in the world of fashion. So I tried it for 2 months, it went really well and I took a special liking to it so I decided to continue.

You used to work with your music band BAE what was it like to be in one boy band?

Spectacular. One of the best things that could have happened to me in my adolescence because I started as a teenager. Thanks to this today I live in Mexico. They were two and a half incredible years where I learned many things in the musical environment and in the artistic environment. We went on tours, met famous people, went around Mexico, Panama, Guatemala. You know people you admire, like Maluma was my coach when I was in Mexico's voice, we met Piso 21. That's when a little bit of modeling started, too, because there were brands that wanted to sponsor you for advertising and all this. After a couple of years the band ends and that's when there is this turn to modeling and acting.

Bae Music

You have super loyal fans who always support you, but what is it like dealing with more intense fans?

I love the fans, without them we would not have become what we were. But well, one of the craziest things that ever happened to me was I don't know how, but they found where I lived so it seems, when I went out to the store or came home tired from work, the house was full. Obviously I always greeted them and we took photos, but sometimes it took hours and hours. But in the end I am always grateful because thanks to the fans, those beautiful girls, things went so well for us.

Bae Music Band
What inspires you besides fashion? 

One of my lifelong passions is sports, especially soccer. Obviously the music too.

Tell us about your sporting career

I was from the age of 4 to 19 playing soccer in the Cali sports team, a professional team, in which I had a high-performance career until I was 19 when I broke my knee.

What is your favorite brand?

Nike, I have always wanted to work for this brand, and I also love sports. And also Versace.

How do you describe your style?

Fresh. So fresh.

What is it like to work with New Icon?

As for my experience, everything has been perfect, very professional. From the bookers, photographers and the entire team. Very happy and enjoying the experience of working with this great agency.

Jax Gonzalez Model
If you could choose, the Calvin Klein face or a hit that hits the whole world? 

I would choose to be the face of Calvin Klein and then I would work really hard or pay to have my hit all over the world haha.

What has been your favorite job?

One of my first jobs was the campaign for Coppel. It was one of my favorites because from one day to the next my face was all over the city. You were the first to send me the photo when it was finally published. Also for Levis Colombia.

Aldo Conti
Aldo Conti Campaign
What has been your least favorite job?

It was a video clip that I made with the hope that the song would be released, they “sold it” to us as an exchange without a budget and in the end neither the photos nor the photos came out. It was two full days without pay and that's why I would say it's my least favorite job.

What would be your dream job in the field of modeling? 

A global campaign for Versace.

What would be your dream job in the musical field? 

Fill Madison Square Garden and just sing my hits.

Have you traveled anywhere to work as a model?

Yeah. I have gone to Guadalajara, Los Cabos, Guanajuato and other places in the interior of the Republic of Mexico.

Tips for finding a good agency
  • The agency's Instagram page is where you can see the entire journey, the jobs, the clients they have worked with.
  • Also check that they do not have profiles that are so similar to yours so that you have a better chance of keeping the job.
  • They don't charge you to enter.
  • A good booker, the most important thing.
  • Asking models who are at the agency what it is like to work there, it is important to do a little research before starting.
Tips for making good castings 
  • Good light
  • Good camera
  • White background or a light color
  • black clothes
  • Have acting bases, so that you have a better chance of keeping the job.

Essentials that a model needs 

We work with our image so it is always important to look good. Combed, shaved and clean. As for personality, everything is confidence, you need to convey to other people what we are selling, for that we need to know how to sell it with confidence in ourselves.

Who is your favorite model?

Steve James, a Spanish model.

You just returned from Colombia, what did you miss about Mexico, apart from your friends? 

The joy of the people and obviously the food.

If you could choose a place to live and work, where would it be?

Milan, working hard.

Boylicious Magazine Jax

In a musical collaboration, who would you like it with? 

Wow, something like Drake ft Jax. And Bad Bunny too.

Denni Den ft Jax

If your house caught fire, what would you save from your closet?

A spectacular black Versace trench coat that they gave me last year. My passport too.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start modeling?

It is a world that has been overrated by people. Not everything is luxury, you have to work, have a lot of patience, not despair, a lot of discipline and calmly. Although it is a very short career, it takes time. Don't wait to just do the catwalk.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working in Milan.

How can we find your music?

You can find my music on all digital platforms. On YouTube I'm like JaxOfficial. On Spotify, Deezer and Apple I'm like Jax Official.

Jax Bae

How can we find your work? 

I usually publish my work on Instagram and I invite you to follow me @Jaxgonzales_

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