Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2022 (Warm)

Something that can't be missing in our wardrobe are warm colours. And how do we know what they are, well, they are those that go from red to yellow, passing through brown colours. They are the colours of love, they transmit closeness and warmth. I will leave you the colour palette and the names of the colours that will be in trend this Spring Summer 2022.

Warm Colours

Definitely a colour that doesn't go unnoticed, it's sexy and I love it.


I have to admit that this colour has been a guilty pleasure for the past few months. It's a bold colour and I like the way it looks when paired with gold accessories.

Bubble Gum

While this may not be one of the colours I would choose for myself, the colour gives me a vibe of spring, flowers and freshness.

Rose Water

I'm in love with the Intrico Versace loafers. We'll be seeing platforms everywhere for the next few months and I'm fascinated by the idea. Rosewater is a must-have colour in my wardrobe without a doubt, I feel like it's already more of a staple.

Pop Corn

Pop Corn or as I know it as chick yellow, I may not be the biggest fan of this colour but it is coming on strong this 2022. Yellow has been the star of the catwalks so don't hesitate to take a risk with different colours this spring and summer.


I love this colour. I feel it goes really well with my dark skin colour and yellow has always been one of my favourite colours and it gives me confidence.

Coral Rose

I have to admit that I'm addicted to Coral Rose - it's a total hit, as it goes on both brown and white skin and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Sudan Brown

I like this colour more in autumn, I feel it would go very well in velvet, cashmere for something cosier.


Like the previous one, I think they are more autumn-winter colours. But without a doubt they are basic colours that you can always have in your wardrobe and they will never go out of fashion.

Coffee Quartz

Another slightly darker brown. I would combine it with nude colours to make a monochromatic outfit.


I had never heard of this colour Hummus. I must say I love it, it's cute and easy to match, I feel it's also a neutral colour that will always suit you.

Perfectly Pale

Perfectly Pale is ideal for all seasons, I could wear it all year round, it's classic but it's not boring like a white, it has that different touch and I love it.

Tell me in the comments which one was your favourite.

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