My Favorite Purchases 2021

I want to share with you what I think were the smartest purchases this year. It may be that I just needed an excuse to add something else to my closet and that is why I say that they were my favorites, the truth is that in addition to being useful I already really wanted to buy these items.


Let's start with what I consider takes the award for the best hair dryers in the world. The dryer Dyson Super Sonic. From the first moment I used it, I knew I needed it in my life. It's heavy, with incredible power and the best thing is that it doesn't damage my hair with heat. Something I also loved is that it is not noisy like many other dryers I have tried before. My hair is a little difficult to manage, sometimes it has good days and sometimes not so much. With this dryer I can give the necessary volume to my curly hair, but it has different nozzles that adapt to the shape of hair, whether straight or wavy. Let me tell you that in addition to everything, it dries your hair super fast. Before, with a 1875 W dryer it took me 20 to 25 minutes to dry my hair, now it doesn't take me more than 15 minutes.

Honestly, I thought, it's just a dryer, what's the difference from others? I have tried many dryers and what I love most about this Dyson Supersonic is that it defines my curls and gives them volume. Here I show you the before and after.


Another of my favorite purchases this year were my bags from a Mexican brand called PALO|ROSE. This brand has different models of 100% leather bags. You can find tote bags of different sizes, toiletry bags, carry-on suitcases, backpacks, passport holders, clutches, etc. Multiple colors from basic to fun colors. The best thing is that you can personalize them with your initials, that gives it a unique touch.


I consider it multipurpose, it is super spacious, ideal for trips or for work, it is also perfect. mine is one tote bag Large in size and fits everything perfectly. For when I travel, laptop, cameras, a toiletry bag, my agenda, etc. For when I work it is ideal for my photo portfolio, change of clothes, water bottle, creams, notebook, wallet, heels among other things. It is perfect to carry as hand luggage.


My little backpack is super cute but it fits everything I need. I use it for traveling too, the things I want to have on hand and find quickly like my phone, wallet, boarding passes or passport are some of the things I can put inside. It's small, but very practical. Something very interesting is that you can convert it into a crossbody bag or have it as a backpack, personally I like it as a backpack. You can also personalize it with your initials.


For 8 months I lived in a small town on the Pacific coast, called San Pancho in the state of Nayarit. There near the sea I found what has become my favorite Mexican brand of swimsuits among other things. cute to go to the beach. Sea and Salt It was a very tropical, colorful and decorated little store so beautifully that I couldn't stop myself from entering every time I crossed that street. That's how I became the number 1 fan of everything they sold. I discovered Pepper the local brand of Lia the owner of the store. I honestly plead guilty to always wanting all the pieces in all the existing colors.

Good news, there are 2 stores Sea and Salt in Nayarit in San Pancho and in Punta de Mita. You will always find super cute clothes and accessories and also great service.

More bikinis, beachwear, hats and very beautiful things can be found from the brand Pepper. What I also like the most is that the fabric is super comfortable, the range of colors is very pretty and you can combine your different ones. tops with different bottoms to make it look cooler. I love the fact that it is slow fashion Plus you have a unique piece for you.


This was one of my biggest finds this year and has become my go-to item shop pre-loved favorite. The best thing is that you can find designer bags, clothing, accessories and shoes in excellent condition and original 100% at an incredibly lower price than what you would find in the store. Rebloom It is an online store and also has a showroom where you can schedule an appointment to see the items they have available.

Louis Vuitton Archlight

These specific shoes, I was dying to have them. I remember that 5 minutes after the Rebloom page published it as available, I contacted them immediately to say that I wanted them. A tip I want to give you so that you don't lose your favorite item is to activate the Rebloom Instagram notifications so that every time they upload a story or publication of the new thing that arrived, you will be the first to know.

Archlight Louis Vuitton
Champagne and a beautiful view on the Condesa DF rooftop
Louis Vuitton Papillon Bag

This was the first item I bought, a classic of classics. The most flirtatious Louis Vuitton bag because it is small but it fits everything, plus the monogram print goes together very easily and will never go out of style. Without a doubt this purchase was a bargain, the price at which I found it was incredible and one good thing was that I saw it a few minutes after they published it on their Instagram page.

Louis Vuitton Papillon Bag
A sunny day in North Rome



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