As every month, I like to share with you things that I have bought or brands have sent me either clothing, beauty items among others and I will always recommend items that I love and / or use all the time. This time we have a little bit of everything.

If you have any product or brand recommendations please write them in the comments below.


Doma is a Mexican brand that makes handbags, wallets, card holders and other items all made of 100% leather and handmade. What I love the most is that they are of spectacular quality and there are many colors available and you can customize your bag as you like.

Mini Chai

I chose one Mini Chai in acqua color, I didn't have this color and I love it because it is super combinable and the size is practical because even though it is small it fits everything.

Let me know in the comments if you want me to show them everything that fits my Mini Chai.

L'Oréal Pro

L'Oréal Pro has several hair products and what I like the most is that after bathing you look like you just left the salon. Whether you're looking to add shine to straight hair or definition to your curls, you're sure to find the right line for you.

Curl Expressions

My hair is something important to me and a very important tool in my work as a model. I am very happy to have tried the line Curl Expression because my curls are not only defined but also have volume.

Something I love is the curl activator, after a few hours if you want your hair to look as if you just combed your hair, it is highly recommended and if you use a blow dryer the heat protector helps to protect your hair from the high temperatures.


Unleashia is the most popular brand of glitter in South Korea and my friends from Momiji sent me a package to try these cool products.

Glitter, you

First of all I have to tell you that the products are vegan, not tested on animals and the packaging is made with resistant paper and the colors are super cute from the lipsticks to the shadows.

I hardly ever wear makeup but when I do I like to add a little shiny shiny and I'm ready to wear my glitters.

You can find these products at Momiji.


I did a campaign with Chandon at the beginning of this year and finally the photos have been made public, you can't imagine my excitement. It's such a fun brand to LVMH and I had an amazing time working with people I now consider family.

Chandon Hello Mexico
Hello Mexico!

In September, Chandon launched its ¡Hola Mexico! campaign and sent me this incredible package ideal for sharing with friends.

I Went Shopping

Whenever I go shopping I think about putting together cool outfits and I like to buy classic things that won't go out of style in my closet but also some trendy items that I think are cute.


At Mango I found this perfect dupe of a bag Kelly HermesThe size is very good and I like it because now we are in autumn and it makes a good match with many outfits. It is available in brown and black.

Here I leave you in link to find it.

Steve Madden

I bought this bag on my birthday, it was a perfect dupe of the bag and gives me a very 2000's vibe. Balenciaga La Cagole and it gives me a very 2000's vibe.

Here the link to find it.


Finally I want to share with you this dreamy feathered blazer that I wore on my birthday. I found it in Zara and I put it together with a monotonous outfit of fuchsia colors that make me feel like I'm on a catwalk of Valentino.

Here link to find it.

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