Outfits To Celebrate Mexico's Independence Day

If you want to celebrate Mexico's independence in style, these are some inspirational outfits that will surely make you look spectacular.

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I took the colors of the flag as inspiration and what I love is that they look super chic. You can pair your outfit with cute accessories like cute handbags, gold earrings and stylish heels.

The heart purse is handmade by a Mexican brand called Tus Benditas Manos .

Whether it's green, white, red, brown or combinations of a couple of these colors, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and the outfit goes with your style.

I love this Amazon Green or Flag Green, which will be in trend this fall winter so besides being very fashionable for the Independence Day, you will also be trendy.

These options can also be useful if the place where you live is hot or cold.

Tailored suits either short or with pants is something that besides being comfortable looks very elegant and you can accompany them with a great bag.

Other options with tailored suits can be a same color or combined, I think it looks amazing. You can pair this look with some comfortable shoes or stylish boots.

If you still don't know what bag to use Palo Rosa is a great option, besides being super comfortable, beautiful and have many cool colors/models, is a Mexican brand and what better way to support local brands.

We have already talked about tailored suits but dresses can also be a great option for September 15th or pants with a statement blouse that stands out from your look.

A big red dress might be one of the options I would consider wearing to say ¡Viva México!

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