Trend in Fall-Winter 2022 Colors

I made a list of the colors that will be in trend for the cold season of the year and get ready to put together our outfits and look fabulous. There are still a few months left but it's never too early to start, you probably have some of these colors already in your closet. I decided to divide them by neutral, warm and cold.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are those that will never go out of style and will get you out of any trouble so it is normal to see them throughout the year. Although I think that the fall season gives me warmth, neutrals are colors that never fail when putting together your outfit.

neutral colors


We start with Pantones in soft colors and examples of what we saw on the catwalks. You could call them basic colors since they are very combinable.

I like them a lot and I think they go very well with all types of skin, what do you think?


The following Pantone colors are more toasty, but I still like them. They are like him perfect nude.

I love the girl's outfit and I think it's something she could wear all year round. The boy's one screams autumn to me, when it's not very cold yet and you want to show off cool.


Deeper brown tones and for me the dark colors I feel are quite elegant. Putting together monochromatic outfits with neutral colors is one of my favorite outfits.

Zimmerman's designs are something I adore. I think it's definitely something you can use all year round. Now the Chicory Coffee color looks beautiful, on light skin in my opinion it would look spectacular.


Gray colors might look boring, but they are actually quite stylish and you could put together a super cute outfit using vibrant colors.

Warm Colors

The warm colors They are my favorites, they are vibrant, they transmit love, passion and closeness to me. In my opinion, autumn is for wearing many warm colors, but remember that you can use what makes you feel most comfortable.

warm colors


I love vibrant colors and red couldn't be missing from our list, December screams red to me, Christmas, family, love so it is the perfect example of warm colors.

Reds are colors that will never go out of style, perhaps what will change will be variations in the color but in itself, it is a color that will get you out of trouble and will always make you look splendid.

trends in autumn winter colors 2022


Lately I have become a big fan of pink colors, in all their extension. From pastel colors to Valentino pink, which was one of my favorite catwalks. So I put 2 very different shades but both are beautiful.

Without a doubt I would wear both outfits and you might think that maybe it is too pink but pink is here to stay, it was undoubtedly one of the colors that we saw most present in 2022 and I love that.


Pink and orange when I think of both colors, I immediately think of summer, beach and Jacquemus. My favorite color combination.

Now let's talk about the oranges, Peach Caramel reminds me of the color of the leaves of the trees in autumn that are about to fall and it is a color between brown and orange, caramel as its name indicates. On the other hand we have a vibrant orange and the color proposal is beautiful, I would use it yes or yes.

During the Autumn-Winter season, experimenting with textures is a must. In some cities it is warmer than in others and it is the perfect time to try different fabrics, remember that this adds an extra cool to your overall outfit.


Yellows in all their shades are one of my favorite colors, since they convey happiness to me.

I love how they look with all types of skin and during the last year I have been making incredible combinations with this beautiful color. I love to do matching with warm colors but when you make a combination with cold colors it looks spectacular.

colors in trend autumn winter 2022

Cold colors

The cold colors They are those that transmit freshness, calm, peace, security and tranquility. Associated with the seas, lakes, nights, etc.

cold colors


Blue is one of the most versatile colors that exists. From its pastel to deep tones, it is easy to combine (denim type) and it is a color that is always present.

Denim is something that surely all of us have in our closet, so making combinations with blue will be easy for us since it is considered basic.

I don't like them jeans, because I prefer to play with colors but I do like blouses or denim jackets more in light colors.

Light blue gives me a lot of peace.

Dark blue

I think dark blue is a color with a lot of character and elegant. Instead of wearing black all the time, you can add colors to your outfit in this case a deep blue and you will look like the most fashionista. cool.

In the December season where it is generally cold, deep colors will be your best friends to look very elegant.

You can create great monochromatic combinations with different shades of blue or with warm colors that are my favorites and look great.


I'm still learning to make combinations and with some colors I find it a little more difficult to achieve without dying trying. Some shades of green are more complex, but putting together a monochromatic outfit never fails.

I love the color Amazon and it reminds me of Christmas, I think that a combination with complementary colors, in this case pink, will look great. In the same way, neutral colors will always get you out of trouble.


Abundant green reminds me of Amazon and Cardamom Seed is more of an olive color.

In this case I would use neutral colors since I want to use green as the protagonist of my outfit.


Purple was one of my least favorite colors and now one of the ones I enjoy wearing the most.

The color of the year 2022 is Veri Peri, so since then I have been trying to put together cute outfits with any of their shades and I became a big fan.

I think it is a very elegant color and certainly ideal for winter.

What do you think of the color selection for the following seasons? Tell me in the comments section which one was your favorite.

I love it and if you want to know how to combine colors to form a cool outfit Take a look at my previous article where I tell you.

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