My Favorites for June 2022

Like every month, I like to share the items that I have purchased or have been gifted to me and I will only share things that I really love.

If you have any recommendations for brands or products that I should try, please write them in the comments section at the end of the article.

Mikaelas Shoes

During the month of June I discovered this Mexican shoe brand.

Mikaelas Shoes It is a project created by some enterprising sisters, they make express shipments to the entire Mexican Republic, the sandals are beautiful, very comfortable and I love the vibrant colors they have available. Mikaelas Shoes gave us a discount code so you can find your favorite pair at incredible prices.

For a discount on 15% use my code AMBER 15

Your Blessed Hands

I was exploring little stores on Instagram to prepare my outfits for the summer when I found these beauties. I not only think they are beautiful but also that they are a work of art. Your Blessed Hands It is a Mexican brand that they make beaded bags and the work is 100% handmade.

Momiji Sundae

Momiji Sundae It can't be missing from my makeup bag. On this occasion they sent us these glosses that are beautiful. I love the juicy finish it gives to your lips.

Mood Ring It is a high-gloss lip gloss in a transparent blue tone that turns pink on contact with your lips and Star It is a transparent lip gloss that you can use alone or adding color.

Schutique Shoes

I like Schutique Shoes And this month I bought these heels that I think should be in every closet and are the latest in trends. During 2022 we have seen the use of platforms and chunky shoes since the beginning of the year and these dupes are a fantasy.

The blacks are called Victoria and they are a dupe of the Valentino Tan-Go and they are available in multiple colors.

The whites are a dupe of the La Medusa Versace sandals and they are a must for summer.


From the new season I found this very adorable little bag at Mango. In Veri Peri the color of the year 2022 and I love it, although it looks small it is very practical and can hold several things.

Zara Sale

During the month of July most clothing/shoe stores are on sale. I haven't taken photos yet with the clothes I found on sale, but I'll surely wear them this summer and I'll share them with you.

What I can tell you is that most of the textures I bought were silky and if you want to know what the trends for this summer take a look at my previous article.

Chandon & Benefit

chandon and Benefit They gave us a gift during Pride month. Benefit is one of my favorite makeup brands and Chandon is my favorite sparkling wine so the gift was great for us.

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