Trends for Summer 2022

Summer is without a doubt my favorite (hot) time of year. There are infinite combinations cool that you can put together and these are one of the inspirations that I found and I want to share them with you.

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Summer 2022

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors will definitely be what I use the most this summer, take a look at my previous article to find out warm colors in trend 2022.

Cut Out

One of my favorite trends are dresses or blouses with holes on the sides, I think they are sexy and ideal for the beach, or summer.

Tiny dresses

Something that I love to wear all year round are mini dresses, I think they make you look flirty and are perfect for the heat.

Maxi Dresses

If you are looking for something a little more elegant, maxi dresses are something you can't miss this summer. They are comfortable and fresh, just some sandals to put together the outfit and look gorgeous.

Backless Dresses

Honestly, I prefer back necklines to front necklines. I think it is because I have nothing to show, well what I like about this model is that it is stylish and I think it is a must for the summer.


Blue prints seem like a perfect option if you are vacationing on the beach.


As a clothing addict, when I go to stores lately, I have noticed that the groovie is back. Playful, floral prints and crochet will be a very strong trend this summer 2022.

1 piece

The monkeys, rompers, jumpsuits or whatever they are called in your country, they are a basic garment that we all need to have for when it is hot. In addition to being cute, they are very comfortable and come in different fabrics and lengths, so I think it could be an excellent option for your vacation.


Feathers are one of the strongest trends in 2022 and will undoubtedly be very present for the remainder of the year.

2 pieces

I must admit that I am a fan of outfits, you can make very cool combinations. cool with other colors or just use it with the same piece and you will look spectacular.


Usually during the Summer season it is very hot so these fabrics will help you look fabulous without dying of heat.


Linen is one of my favorites, not only does it help you look elegant but in my opinion it is very fresh.


Another of my favorite fabrics is silk or another element that looks silky. I think it makes you look very pretty and is ideal to wear during the summer.


Cotton is an excellent option all year round, it is very comfortable and there are many types of garments made from this material.


Without a doubt, raffia is ideal for the beach and even better, a tote bag where you can fit everything. Now if you want something smaller and more stylish, a bag Jacquemus It will keep you nice company and will lift your summer outfit. Also add beaded bags I think they are very cool.


Yes, yes and yes. You can use the scarves as a blouse, sarong, in your bag, on your head and anything you can think of, so wear it as an accessory. cool It is a recommendation that I give you since it takes up almost no space and looks great as a complement to your outfit.


Hats are something that cannot be missing for summer. I like this style, I think it will make you look extra chic.

Sunglasses (stylish)

And just like the hat, sunglasses should accompany you on your vacation. Opt for colored lenses, different shapes that you wouldn't usually choose. The chunky and futuristic are in trend.


What I have seen lately in shoes are models that I probably never thought of wearing before. I must admit that I love them and I will surely use them this summer. What do you think?

Tell me if you want me to do part 2 or a swimsuit version, the comments section is below.

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